Louise E. Reinagel

Serving the Thoroughbred Industry
Since 1979
Mobile contacts:(859)396-0761/(352)237-3809

About The Photographer Louise E. Reinagel

My Dad bought me a pony when I was 8 years old. I was the neighborhood horse trader with 16 horses and ponies upon graduating high school.  I married in 1974. I started photographing horses in 1975.. My husband and I settled in Ocala, Florida 1977. We raised Thoroughbreds and a family where the photography career developed into a specialty.... Thoroughbred photography by appointment. I've traveled throughout the United States on assignment and have been published all forms, from book to magazine, online reaching world wide. My love for the horse has always been the motivation behind my 40 plus year career as a horse photographer. I will ever pursue the "perfect" conformation photo. I shoot horses.

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