The following photographs are included to provoke thought and tell you about me. Each hold pleasant memories. I love what I do...... and I love my family. -Louise

The Thunderhead

Faith....might be likened to free falling, without a parachute...knowing that God is the net that will catch you when you need to be caught. Great faith is the confidence that God knows the perfect time to catch matter how frightening the fall. -LER 1989

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I was at a farm today...not a soul around..taking photographs for my stock files. There was a shot of a very curious window in an old building that I wanted to take, but it needed sunlight. So had gone the accomplishments had fallen a bit short of my expectations. I was drawn to this window, because I felt almost trapped behind it. In order to get the best shot, I had to wait for a cloud to pass, so that the sun could reveal the true color. I shot a few frames while I waited but I rather think that those frames were wasted. So, I waited... for what seemed to be an eternity. But, I did wait and while I waited, I squatted down and looked through a patch of clover at my feet. There I discovered a perfect four-leaf clover. I discovered more than that four-leaf clover in that moment. I discovered that I make discoveries by waiting, when I'd rather not be waiting. Within moments of finding the four-leaf clover, I gave it to a friend that had driven up. He graciously accepted it, and tucking it into his appointment book, said that he was on his way to try and sell a horse.... I thought that my friend needed luck more than I did -LER 1989

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Laurel Falls, TN

Laurel Falls is a 4 mile hike to the falls in Gatlinburg TN.

True love creates a certain beauty that can only be seen by the one who is doing the loving. -LER 1989

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Yellow Flowers

Springtime in San Antonio Texas.

If I had a nickel for each time someone has said to me, "You must have the patience of Job", I would be able to start a retirement fund. I suppose it makes sense though...because this patience is from the same source as Job's. -LER

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Autumn Leaves

In this rat race, it is our natural tendancy to choose the pathway ... of least resistance -LER

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Window of Clouds

Many are the desires of my heart. These desires can not be wrong....unless I achieve them, regardless of the cost to someone else. -LER

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